​​​Preventative Maintenance

While home owners may want to avoid the immediate costs of proactive (preventative) home maintenance, reactive home maintenance is sure to cost considerably more. 

Regular, preventative roof maintenance such as replacing shingles, cleaning gutters, or removing branches resulting from a storm will average about $200 each. Water is your homes enemy, and without regular maintenance, damage can quickly escalate. "The average cost of a weather-related home owner’s insurance claim <stemming from ignoring these tasks> is more than $7,300."  Homeinsurance.com


Preventative home maintenance will not only enhance a home’s value, but create an efficient, safe place in which to live. Home maintenance does not have to be a big, expensive project. By creating a simple schedule of maintenance, home owners can effectively maintain their homes. A home owner for example, might clean out tub and sink drains on a monthly basis, while vacuuming lint out of the clothes dryer’s ducts and surrounding area, every six months. Spring is a great time to inspect a home’s roof and flashing for any needed repairs as well clean out gutters and down spouts. Fall is a time for home owners to ensure that their home is ready and protected against winter weather. It is vital to ensure that cold and moisture remain outside and the warmth inside. Roof and gutters should be inspected; windows and doors properly sealed and caulked; thermostats and furnaces inspected and/or tuned up. Homes require ongoing maintenance and some areas of a home require more attention than others. Extra attention should be paid to the exterior of a home as it is constantly subjected to Mother Nature and will naturally tend to deteriorate. By creating a home maintenance plan, home owners can break down the big responsibility of home maintenance into small, manageable projects.

Along with regular home maintenance, it is important for home owners to evaluate which home maintenance inspections/projects can be done personally and which projects/inspections should be turned over to a professional. Home owners should ask themselves whether or not they possess an adequate amount of knowledge, skills, tools, and time, to properly complete home maintenance tasks and proceed with their maintenance plan accordingly. ​We are here to help!


​​​A man builds a fine house; and now he has a master, and a task for life: he is to furnish, watch, show it, and keep it in repair, the rest of his days.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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